The leading experts in Brazilian maritime & helideck regulatory compliance.

Why choose us?

  • Why Choose Us


    CDS Workshop in Aberdeen, on the new Brazilian Helideck Regulation NORMAM-27. On the photo, Coaracy da Silva and Rodrigo Otsuka of CDS and the European helideck experts that attended the workshop.

  • 1. Our Results

    We are the leading experts in Brazilian maritime & helideck regulatory compliance, offering a comprehensive solution from project to final approval by the Navy. Our track record is second to none.

    2. Our Objective

    Our objective is to assist the Client in having their platform cleared by the authorities, accepted by the Charterer and on hire in the shortest possible time after arrival in Brazil, minimizing the risk of penalties and loss of revenue due to delays in being cleared by the authorities. For this purpose, we will analyze the parts of the Charter Contract concerning the conditions of acceptance of the platform and in particular, the certificates, documents and terms required for the acceptance by the Charterer. Although we specialize in Brazilian Maritime Regulations and Procedures we know and have experience in what the other authorities will require and their interrelationship with the Brazilian Maritime Authority (Brazilian Navy).

    3. Management of the Navy Inspections

    To achieve our objective, we will manage the Navy inspection on arrival and will accompany the Navy inspectors all the time and every time they go on board. We do the same with the helideck, managing the activities required to obtain the Provisional Authorization to Operate the Helideck and later on, the Full Term Authorization to Operate the Helideck.

    4. Pre-inspections Prior to Arrival

    In order to have the platform inspected by the Navy without any impeditive deficiency, we pre-inspect the platform prior to arrival in Brazil to verify compliance with the Brazilian Maritime Regulations and we provide technical assistance to the Client and their team, on Brazilian Maritime Regulations and Procedures, without any limitation in number of hours of consulting, during the whole duration of our contract.